Leadership Skills

Have you ever wonder what makes a good leader? Having the skills to make decision, plan or act can make you a good one! 

  • Micro Exercises Per week - 3-5 (ჯამში 1,5 hours Per week)
  • ენა: English
Time to complete
1 month
Course starting date
01 Oct, 2020
Grow soft skills Individually
How Course Works

Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to \\\"win\\\" as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring. Leadership is a complex skill. To become a good leader, information from books or lectures is not enough. You need soft skills like critical thinking, decision - making,  communication,  planning, emotional intelligence, etc to efficiently lead the venture.

Theoretical development of soft skills is impossible, you need active learning.

We are offering you all the necessary tools to help you practically develop Leadership soft skills in any part of the world.

Our AI will provide a daily set of exercises that leverage game mechanics and social interaction, requiring solving concrete real-life problems, situations, and tasks.

This process looks like the development of muscles during physical exercises.

We will help you to develop concrete parts of the brain responsible for problem-solving, decision making, planning, information analysis.


During the month you will be able to take part in an interesting adventure to develop your Skills like decision making, problem-solving, planning, communication, collaboration,  analytical skills, and emotional intelligence by doing and regular training.

Also, we are offering you exclusive game mechanics, for the development of soft skills, in our gym for brain training.

Skills Measurement:

We will help you to measure your progress in concrete directions and skills growth.

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