Our Methodology
Human brain can change at any age. This ability is called neuroplasticity. The brain gives people the opportunity to develop skills that did not exist at first look.

Neuroplasticity is more actively seen in children that creates the possibility of rapid changes, but the result can also be reached with intense training just as it happens in sports.

If you do not train regularly your muscles become weaker and your body does not give you good results, the same goes for the brain.

We are using micro-learning principles that means that doing short learning/training elements for a long period of time can improve personal skills.

According to research daily but short exercise leads to achieving high results and maintaining it for a long period.

Our exercises require using different mental, thinking processes and cognitive skills. We are mentally involved in this process - we look at our reasoning, thinking process, tasks or events from different angles, use our knowledge. This makes corresponding thinking skills to become active that helps to train and improve them.

To create a fun environment for kids we also use gamification elements - competition, game interface, leaderboard and others that encourage kids to be more actively involved in the process.

In addition to this, the kid will learn about real life situations and solve cases about making decisions that will promote linking the exercised skills to real life scenarios.

Using our system you gave your kid the opportunity to get benefits from this extracurricular activity that will increase their competitiveness and bring success in the future as reasoning, problem solving, decision making, planning and information analysis are the skills that guarantee the success of the kid!