Our AI-based platform provides daily a set of exercises that leverage game mechanics and that require solving concrete real-life problems and tasks.

This process looks like the development of muscles during physical exercises. You cannot learn how to play piano, drive or swim theoretically or at competitions. You need to spend time developing these skills.

Startups need to make loads of decisions, solve problems and be creative daily. We will help you to develop concrete parts of the brain responsible for problem-solving, decision making, planning, information analysis. We offer you to improve your entrepreneurship, leadership, life and career skills!

  1. Please choose the skills which you would like to train
  2. Choose dates and time during the week for the exercises
  3. Fill the form and start getting exercises links by mail
  4. Via mail, you will also get instruction and password to enter your dashboard to see the results of your training and compare your progress.
  5. Soon you will be able to measure your soft skill via GoandGrow also train your brain muscles in the group by completing tasks of real companies and getting skills via practical training and social interaction

Remember people's brains are neuroplastic, you can develop any kind of skills in any age, we will provide tools for it.