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Commonly Asked Questions

You can start using the service after filling in the registration form, choosing the course for the grade, and purchasing. After subscribing our system will automatically send you exercises on the mail, you will get 2 or more exercises per day.

You should register each kid using separate email addresses. In the registration form, you should indicate the parent's email where you will get exercises for your kid. The email can be verified by following the link in the mail, that also takes the user to the purchase page.

The purchase process is made directly on the bank’s page so there will be no issues regarding safety.

Exercises are sent according to the curriculum that is aimed to develop each element of critical thinking. The recommended minimum length of the course is 6 months. The period is important for the kid to develop a habit and strengthen neuronic connections that will help to improve critical thinking in long term. As in the case of any training, it is good if the kid continues to exercise after 6 months. We will always provide kids with a new curriculum and interesting process.

After subscribing the user will automatically be charged every month. There is no need to fill in the card information again. When subscribing the user will automatically be charged with the price for one month.

The user can unsubscribe at any time by following the link to unsubscribe from the mail.

If the user unsubscribes, they won’t be charged for the service in the following months.

Before subscribing the user can check the principle and quality of the service in a demo version where the user can see exercise types and principles.

To improve the quality of our service, there is a special quality assurance group that you can contact via email:
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