Employee performance is how an employee fulfills their job duties and executes their required tasks. It refers to the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of their output.

An increasing body of research has shown that soft skills - characteristics like creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence - are critical for employee performance during the process of problem solving, decision making and planning. These skills allow employees to thrive not only in the present but to continue to grow as the demands of the job evolve.

Soft skills (creativity, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving and so on) can’t be developed by attending lectures, reading theoretical materials.

Soft skills can be built based only on active learning, gamification, social interaction.

Our AI-based platform provides daily a set of exercises that leverage game mechanics and that require social interaction with others in the community to develop employees' concrete abilities.

This process looks like development of muscles during physical exercises. Our program will help employees in the process of the development of the concrete part of the brain responsible for the problem solving, decision making, planning, information analysis.

During the learning process, the group performs real-life tasks received from our partner companies, online tests, quizzes, and has access to the tools for the soft skills development.

We are measuring success of the employees and providing you with statistics about soft skills level and its development.

Start changing your company through the development of the employees soft skills.